Our Activities

The majority of sessions offered by Play Smart Ni are easily run as indoor or outdoor team building activities. Whether it’s a sports hall, classroom garden or playing field, our staff create bespoke events suitable for all site sizes and group numbers.

By liaising closely with the event organiser, we are able to incorporate any specific focus points and values that are personal to the group. This is in addition to the emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills that our activity days are designed around.

If what is needed is a day of fun team games, we have a whole range to choose from which ensures participants will be able to let off a bit of steam in a safe environment.

  Play Smart Workshop


This is a 1-2 hrs session taking you through the key elements of play smart’s main objectives.

Play Smart Programme

Each session is 1 hr long running over 3-6 weeks.  Suitable for after schools club, extra curriculum activities, youth groups 

Play Smart Challenge


This can be run over a half or full day.  It will consist of a wide range of activities to create a fun filled educational team building day.