Play Smart NI is a company that was created to provide play in a more educational and rewarding way with the emphasis still on having fun.  We are a mobile team building company that aims to provide active learning through play.

Play Smart NI is run by a team of instructors with years of experience working with children. Together we have noticed a huge change in the social development of children in how they interact with each other.  We believe the computer era has had an adverse effect on how our children interact and play in general with one another.

Our idea was simple, to get children back enjoying physical and mental play in a fun environment.  Our main focus is on team building and all the benefits that these activities bring. 

Team building focuses on group participation, problem solving, communication and leadership within group-based activities. All of these attributes are instrumental in a child’s development

1. Promote social development


2. Healthy life style (through exercise)


3. Raised self-esteem & confidence (objectives)


3. Collaboration (working together)


4. Communication (develop good communication skills)


5. Problem solving 


Our objectives in team building games are

We cater for all abilities and the active learning experiences are reinforced by our light bulb system which comes on as we advance through the process involved in problem solving.

Our major objective throughout the sessions is to get children to work together towards a common goal which is to make them better young citizens in the future.